About Us


Created in 2013 as a part of historical-education company Veterani.pl group.

Lead non-profit activity based on history and military enthusiasts group.

Works based on professionally prepared members which include professional soldiers (still active and retired), 3D artists, musicians, programmers, scriptwriters, moderators, administrators and mission makers.

Uses the latest tools to create 3D video presentations and software based on engine used by professional military simulators.

Create only one so unique project for most faithful history reproduction. Allows to do the most realistic 3D reconstructions based on simulations and historical facts reconstructions.

Is extremely effective support any presentation used between others to fully illustrate stories witness and history experts used in knows National Geographic historical productions .

The group does not promote war, but focuses on accurately depicting the tragic of its realities, the facts and correction of many wrong myths.

The main target ist o depict the military effort with emphasis on the heroic fate of the Polish soldier, as well as the presentation of the achievements of Polish technical thought (reconstruction of equipment) and to present it in the reality of a fully interactive battlefield.

The idea of the actions is also to modify the widely available software and to create extras for it, so that content contained therein was not olny properly historically displayed, but significantly promoted the Polish contribution at the end of the Second World War.


Promote heavily neglected in modern internet education and play (games, simulations, presentations) of the „story“ Polish military effort through the creation of 3D feature-based visualization and accurate event reconstruction using mass-marketed game engines.

Placement of a particular emphasis on the fight for Polish image and preserving the memory of the actions of our heroes in Poland and aboard.


Attract and create the widest group of young history hothead by maximizing the appeal of traditional content and fitting it to the current reality of the dazzling popularity of simulators and online games.


The maximum attractive and facilitating communication trough visualization of 3D historical reconstruction content in accordance with rule 1 picture for 1000 words.

Virtual presentation and reproduction in the simulator only of Poland’s fully functional 1939 whole army with all equipment based on the simulator.

Boardly made content available to users for presentation and online education.



Structure of the Electronic Historical Reconstruction Group

  1. PolishFactor - the leading group leader, one of the 3 primal founders of EGRH (Wlocz99 and Beba). Owner and chief administrator of Veterani.pl and EGRH.pl. Professional military retired, chief commander of reconstruction simulation, graphics, mission, video and sound editor and music maker. Responsible for contacts with institutions, reconstruction groups and museums. Coordinator of further development September '39
  2. NightIntruder - technical project manager and trainer. Responsible for advice and supervision, as well as the control of correctness of content, unique innovations and the motivation of the whole group of moders
  3. Bruno - chief editor of mission maker services. Deputy chief of the EGRH and field commander. Responsible for image, media relations, editorial content, presentations media development policy
  4. novee - chef tech-administrator, addon and mission maker, sound editor, 2D graphics. Responsible for server and web administration
  5. Beba - the guardian and patron of the group. One of the original 3 founder of EGRH, adviser and legal consultant. Responsible for organizations, contacts, structure, legal advice as well as assistance in promotional projects for development of EGRH.pl and Veterani.pl
Developer groups and support:

Core ARMA2 Wrzesień 1939

Core CSA39-45 ARMA3

Core IFA

We invite you to cooperate moderators, reconstructors, institutions and museums, collectors, reconstruction groups, and all WW2 history enthusiasts to participate in the project and educationally play

Contact and notifications:

Bruno - TeamSpeak3: ts3.veterani.pl

e-mail: [email protected]